Teacher Workday: This week is the last week of the quarter. Encourage your child to finish strong! Friday, October 14, is a teacher workday (no school for students and the front office will be closed). Teachers will be wrapping up the first quarter (grades and report cards) and preparing for the second quarter. There will be no dress uniform day this week.


Parent/Teacher Conferences (October 20 & 21): Almost all of the scheduling is complete. A reminder email will be sent out the Monday before conferences. If you have not scheduled yet, please visit this site to do so: https://www.ptcfast.com/schools/Logos



Assembly: This Thursday morning Mrs. Kappmeyer and Mrs. Anderson’s 6th graders will be on stage in the gym. The assembly will start with a short recitation by Miss Clemans’ 4th grade class at 8:35. All are welcome!


Speech Meet: Selections will be performed for a grade on Wednesday, October 13.




PSAT: The 10th and 11th graders will be taking the PSAT the morning of October 19 in the gym.

Dialectic Speech Meet (7th-9th): Encourage your child to practice for the meet on October 28.


Elementary Romance

Each year I make a point of speaking to the 2nd – 6th grade students about a fascinating and sometimes delicate oxymoron – elementary romance. I am very pleased to say that this has not been an issue that Logos elementary students have struggled with in recent memory, nor do I have grave concerns this year. My primary goal is that we maintain a positive school culture in which students do not feel pressure to “grow up” too fast in this area. Over the past two weeks I’ve stopped in for this year’s installment, and I thought it would be good for you all to know what I had to say to the students and what my expectations are in this area. First of all, the school policy for the elementary and secondary reads, “Public displays of romantic affection are not permitted at school or school activities.” My interpretation of a public display of romantic affection is very narrow. Any singling out of a person of the opposite sex, and anything that you could do to earn yourself the title of “an item” fall into this category. The discussion with the 2nd – 6th graders usually begins with me asking how old they are, and then following up by asking how old they think they will be when they get married. After clarifying, for the sake of the boys, that most people do not wait until they are 37 to marry, we move on to the application. The short form is that these students are a lifetime or more away from getting married, and any preliminary negotiations are absolutely inappropriate in the elementary. I am strongly against silly talk about who likes whom, and I am thoroughly opposed to premature pairing up (in the elementary and secondary). There is far too much fun and hard work for us to keep ourselves occupied with to give attention to cheap soap operas. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.




Matt Whitling

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