Upcoming Events:                

Elementary Teacher Work Day (no school)   May 23

Secondary Final Exams                                   May 24-27

Kindergarten (Mrs. Merkle) Graduation        May 24 @ 8:30 AM

Field Day                                                        May 24 from 1-3 PM

Kindergarten (Mrs. Sawyer) Graduation        May 25 @ 8:30 AM

Elementary Awards Assembly                       May 25 @ 9:30 AM

Secondary Awards Assembly            (afternoon)      May 26 from 2:30-3:20 PM

Senior Assembly                                             May 27 from 12:15-12:45 PM

Graduation Practice (seniors only)                 May 27 from 1:30-2:30 PM

Graduation                                                      May 28 @ 3 PM at the U of I


(Parents are welcome to attend all of these events, except for the final exams!)


Logos Summer Camps/Classes: Some of the camps are filling up. Now is the time to enroll! The brochure can be found here.


Fight’n Knight Day: In order to encourage our track team as they compete at state, this Friday students are welcome to wear their Fight’n Knight shirts and nice jeans to school.


Teaching Positions: We are currently accepting resumes for the following teaching positions: Elementary Latin (3rd-6th Grade), Latin (7th Grade), English (7th Grade), Algebra I (8th Grade), Algebra II (10th Grade), and Biology (10th Grade).



Teaching Assignments: There are a few elementary changes underway for next year.


2nd grade: Mrs. Miller will be stepping out of her halftime 2nd grade teaching role to spend more time with her family. Mrs. Kimmell has graciously agreed to teach 2nd grade fulltime next year.


5th grade: Mr. Erber will continue to teach music but will not be teaching halftime in 5th grade in order to create more time for freelance work. Miss Church will be giving up her elementary Latin classes to teach 5th grade fulltime next year.


Class Preferences: Surveys will be coming out this week. Many families don’t have a strong preference and therefore choose not to complete these. This actually helps us grant more of the requests that come in.


Elementary Field Day will take place next Tuesday. All elementary students will be dismissed from school at 11:30. This is a parent drop-off and pick-up event. Some families like to pack a picnic lunch and eat in the park and stay for the activities (races, tug-o-war, capture the flag, etc.). Play clothes are welcome! Rain cancels.


The Elementary Awards Ceremony will take place next Wednesday morning from 9:30-10:30. School starts at the normal time. We will meet in the gym to distribute year-end awards to our 1st – 6th grade students. After the ceremony, the students will return to their classrooms for a few minutes to receive their report cards and to say farewell. They will be dismissed at about 10:35 and that will be the official end of the elementary school year. Preschool students will be dismissed at 10:30 as well. Students should wear their dress uniform for this event.



JVBBB Coach: We are currently accepting resumes for a junior varsity boys basketball coach for next year. See me or John Carnahan for details.

Finals Schedule: I have attached the secondary finals schedule. Please note that the secondary awards ceremony will take place Thursday, May 26 at 2:30 PM. Mr. Garfield will be giving his final address as the superintendent at this time. Both elementary and secondary parents are welcome to attend.


Boarding Opportunity: Introduction to David Treece

As an 18-year-old, I am currently completing the 10th grade program at Logos.  I hope to return for one more year of study.  Since I will be 19 by next May, I will graduate back in Texas as a homeschooled student using the two years of Logos credit on my transcript. Last summer Brent and Sandy Belschner graciously agreed to board me in their home along with three other NSA students. I have enjoyed staying with the Belschners very much.  Unfortunately, none of my roommates are returning next year.  Therefore, although the Belschners have agreed to let me board with them, I prefer to have male roommates since the remaining children at the Belschner home are daughters.  I enjoy playing the piano and singing as well as playing basketball and running track.  I would like to live with a family that has Logos highschool sons or that boards male NSA students.  If you are interested please contact me at davidtreece4@gmail.com or my mother, Corina Treece, at ctreece37@gmail.com.  The Belschners are willing to be a reference for me as well, if you would like to ask them questions at belscher9@gmail.com .





Matt Whitling


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