Fight’n Knight Day! This Friday students are welcome to wear their Logos t-shirts and nice jeans to celebrate Trivia Day, the end of final exams, and last day before Christmas break.



Kindergarten Play: This Friday Mrs. Sawyer’s class will be putting on a Christmas play. The show will open with a 1st grade (Blum) recitation at 8:35 AM. All are welcome to attend.


Saturday Hoops: All of the slots are filled for this event. If you have registered, please have your son at the gym at 9:00 AM this Saturday. Future dates: Dec. 17 & Jan. 7, 14. This is a busy time of year, and it is just fine if an athlete misses a Saturday or two.



Trivia Day: This Friday after finals we will play our traditional game of “Logos Trivial Pursuit” and have a pizza party.  Guys: please bring six “individual” drinks – cans of pop, bottles of water, or Gatorade (No two-liter bottles please).  Ladies: please bring something for dessert.


Secondary Student Surveys

We have our secondary students evaluate each class they take twice a year. Here are a few things that students had to say about Mrs. Lloyd this semester:


-The discussions we have in Doctrine help make our faith clearer and yet bring up even more questions at the same time. I really appreciate the deep conversations, and Mrs. Lloyd helps us address all the hard questions.

-Mrs. Lloyd is always engaging, lively, and fascinating.

-Very, very challenging topics, but thanks for bringing them up now so we can think about them BEFORE going into the real world.

-She is really good at getting the class to think about hard questions in scripture.

-I appreciate her deep desire to help us grow as brothers and sisters in Christ, and to know as much as we can about who God is.

-She always pushes us to work our hardest. That will make us better people in the future.

-Mrs. Lloyd is a wonderful teacher and an encouraging role model. I love her cheerfulness and the energy she brings to room 7. She’s understanding and is passionate about what she teaches. I’m very thankful to have her as a teacher this year.

-Mrs. Lloyd does a great job working with students to help them improve their writing and speaking skills and she comes up with interesting topics to have us present on.

-Conversations are interesting and Mrs. Lloyd takes the time to get to know every student personally.

-She really cares about the students and goes out of her way to answer any questions we have whether or not they are related.

-Always something wise to say, always willing to point out heresy, always a blast-Thanks!

-I love how she prays for every student at least once.

-Mrs. Lloyd is such a fun teacher. I love logic and I look forward to her class everyday. Logic is hard but Mrs. Lloyd explains it well and has good tips for remembering stuff.




Matt Whitling

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