Fight’n Knight Day! This Tuesday is a Fight’n Knight Day. Students are allowed to wear their Logos t-shirts and nice jeans to school. Then come out to the gym to cheer on our high school boys basketball team against Troy (JV: 6:00, Varsity 7:00).



2nd Grade Play: This Friday Mrs. Kimmell and Mrs. Miller’s class will be on stage. The show will open at 8:35 AM with a recitation by Mrs. Merkle’s Kindergarteners. All are welcome.


Front Parking Lot: Please do not leave your cars unattended in the lanes out front. If you need to come in to drop off or pick up your student, find a parking spot and come right in. If you are doing a quick drop off or pick up, and you will be staying in your car, feel free to use the right lane out front. Thank you!


Saturday Hoops: All Logos 1st through 6th grade boys are cordially invited to participate in a series of basketball clinics that will focus on the fundamentals of shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense. All clinics will take place on Saturdays from 9 – 11 AM in the Logos gym and will be coached and directed by Jed Whitling and Logos High School basketball players on the following dates: Dec. 12, 19 & Jan. 9, 16. The cost is $20 for all four clinics. This is a great way to spend a Saturday morning and to get ready for the upcoming Moscow Parks and Recreation season. Registration (form attached) is due December 4, this Friday!


Midterms: Please remember to return your midterms by December 2.



Fall Finals Schedule: Final exams will take place the week before Christmas break. See the attached schedule to start planning ahead.


We have our secondary students evaluate each class they take each semester. Here are a few things that students had to say about Mrs. Lloyd this fall:


-Mrs. Lloyd has an infectious passion for God and this translates perfectly to the classroom. She makes school a pleasure.

-She loves God and seems to really enjoy teaching us His doctrine.

-She makes us honestly think about everything.

-She cares for us and wants us to do well, but she doesn’t make assignments easy. She makes them difficult because that’s what will help us in the long run.

-We’ve talked about and learned so much in this class, it’s amazing.

-LOVE the challenge this class presents.

-Really like how willing she is to go over concepts after class and how much she brings real world examples into the discussions.

-She’s witty, yet never cruel. Mrs. Lloyd is seriously the best. I’m quite thankful for her time and teaching and will miss her next year.

-I love how her teaching is steeped in scripture. Here desire for us to succeed is amazing. I love her two classes! They’re hard, but they’re my favorites! Thanks!

-Overall, Mrs. Lloyd is a very fun teacher who loves her students and the Lord. It is great having teachers like her at this school.




Matt Whitling


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