Kindergarten Play: This Friday Mrs. Sawyer’s class will be on the stage. The assembly will open at 8:35 AM with a recitation by Mrs. Loyd’s 3rd graders. All are welcome!



Homework-o-Meter: Please remember to fill these out over the course of the week and return them to the classroom teachers on November 13. This helps us gauge the amount of homework our elementary students are doing each night.


Winter Clothes: Be sure to send your children to school with warm clothes. We will have recess outside unless it is raining hard or below 20 degrees. This may be a good time to make sure that winter clothing is labeled – just in case!



Secondary Student Surveys: Next week we will be asking the secondary students to complete a brief survey for each of their classes. This survey is designed to communicate the students’ perceptions of the secondary program, to the secondary faculty and administrators. We value the students’ opinion, and our goal is to improve each year. This would be a great time to sit down with your child and discuss each class with him/her. Secondary parents are also welcome to provide input at this time.




Matt Whitling


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