LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2013/14 – Summer #3




Summer Camps: There are still summer camps coming up over the next few weeks! See the school website for more information.


Renweb: This summer we are making the transition to a new information system called Renweb. Mr. Loren Euhus has been overseeing the transition and we are excited about the possibilities for clear and easy communication between school and home. We are planning to roll out a number of features for our secondary students in particular in the first year. Stay tuned for details as we head toward the fall.



New Music Teacher: It is my pleasure to announce that Mrs. Sandy Belschner has been hired to teach our Preschool-1st grade music classes for this coming year. Mrs. Belschner has been teaching Schola Cantorum classes for the past three years and we are pleased to welcome her to our staff.


Elementary PE:  Our elementary PE program is staffed by volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering to help out by teaching your child’s PE class, please contact me this summer.  Each PE class meets twice a week for 30 minutes.



New Teachers: Our secondary openings have been filled, and we are pleased to announce the following new hires:


Danae Larsen: Miss Larsen has been hired to teach Latin 7, Latin 8, and the Latin Tutor Elective. She is a graduate of Veritas School in Newberg, Oregon and she will be a senior at New St. Andrews College this fall.


Tracie Handel: Mrs. Handel has been volunteering at the school for many years, but this year she will be teaching our typing elective and she will serve as the secretary to the registrar.


Lizze Jeschke: Miss Jeschke has been hired to teach Classical History and Rhetoric II. She is a graduate of Logos School and she has been working as an intern for Mr. Nance and Mrs. Wilson over the past two years.


Dean Wullenwaber: Mr. Wullenwaber has been serving as a trial lawyer in Lewiston for many years. This fall he will be teaching an elective on macro-economics that is open to our juniors and seniors.


Please join us in thanking the Lord for these excellent additions to the secondary faculty.


Secondary Class Schedule: Please see the attachment for the secondary fall class schedule.


Sports Physicals: If you have a 9th or 11th Grade student who is planning to participate in sports next year, he/she will need to have a physical before the season begins (especially time sensitive for volleyball and cross country). See the school webpage for the correct form to bring to your doctor.


Senior Course Options: 12th Graders who will be participating in senior course options (independent studies and internships) should be thinking about their proposals. These are due on August 12 to Mr. Whitling via email, or earlier if possible. See the school webpage for details. There may be a few opportunities for seniors to work in the Logos Elementary classes as part of an internship.  See Mr. Whitling for more information.

Boarding Opportunities: The following students have been accepted to Logos and are looking for a boarding situation for 2013-14. It is not uncommon for international students to pay upwards of $9,000 per nine months for room and board. A number of local families are charging ~$6,000 for the school year which is comparatively a good deal.

Jennifer Ryu (9th Grade)

Hi, my name is Jennifer Ryu and I am 14 years old. I am attending Logos School as a full time student starting this fall. I was born in Korea and moved to the United States when I was in the first grade. I have lived in the states (Ithaca, New York and Fort Worth, Texas) with my family for 4 years before I moved back to Korea. I was born between Christian parents and have gone to church even before I was born. I am currently attending a Presbyterian church in Korea. I met Jesus Christ when I was in the 6th grade and I want to live for the glory of God. I am looking for a family who would welcome me to be a part of the family. I like to play musical instruments like the piano, flute and guitar. I also like to write songs and sing them. I like animals and like talking to people and like having company. Thank you for your attention and time. If you are interested in having me as a border please contact me at jhoon.ryu@gmail.com. Thank you.

Seonghun Park (11th Grade)

Hi, my name is Seonghun Park( or Eric Park ). I’m from South Korea, and I am currently a junior (18 years old) at Logos School. I am looking for a new place to stay for next year (I lived with the Shaw family). I really like sports, biking and swimming. Also, I am planning to getting a driver’s license and car next year. If you are interesting in having me as a boarder and enjoying an international experience. Please contact me at  qkrtjdgns963@naver.com or hjk8710@gmail.com !!! If you would like references, please contact Janna Shaw at 208-874-2562.


Myoungchul (12th Grade)

This is  Myoungchul  Jeong who is a 12th grader and has attended Logos School for two  years. I have  stayed at the Shaw’s for two years since I came to Moscow and they have given me so much love and care to and I cannot thank too much about that and will not forget their kindness, efforts and devoted sacrifices. They will not have boarders next year and so at this time I am looking for an affordable host family (host fee $500 per month). If there is anyone who is interested in hosting me please feel free to contact me at audcjf14@naver.com . I am looking forward to hearing good news.


For more information about the school please visit https://logosschool.com/




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