LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2013/14 – #28


Uniforms: Just a few reminders for the spring: Now that the weather is nice, elementary students are welcome to wear shorts to school. Boots are no longer necessary or appropriate in the elementary or secondary, and please save sandals for non-school activities.



Classroom Play: This Friday morning the 2nd graders (Blum & Courtney) will be performing on stage. The show will open at 8:35 with a recitation by Mr. Becker’s 5th grade class. All are welcome to attend.


Logos Recitations: It has been our privilege to host the LR program for the past few years. We have enjoyed the contact with our homeschooled brothers and sisters on Friday mornings and the program has grown under the able leadership of Mrs. Gail Erb. With the school board’s blessing, the recitations program will be moving to Bridge Bible Fellowship next year and reorganizing under the title White Horse Hall. This will provide space for them to expand as they seek to serve the homeschooling families in our community.



11th Grade MBA in  a Day: Juniors should show up at EMSI at 8:40 this Thursday in their regular school uniform or something nicer. Students are welcome to park in the EMSI parking lot which is behind the building to the west.


EMSI will be hosting the Logos Junior class for a full school day on April 3, 2014 for what we are calling “Logos MBA in a Day”. Using our operations at EMSI as an example, we are going to introduce the students to all of the functions that are required to run a business and the various occupations that are involved in each. For instance, a session on product development will explain how businesses create products and introduce students to various vocations in this area such as computer programming, design, and manufacturing. A session on finance will introduce students to all of the ways a business must collect, report, pay taxes on, and distribute money and the various jobs such as accounting, bookkeeping, and tax law that are available in this area. The day will consist of a number of short sessions on topics such as this.


The goal of the day is to give the students a better understanding of the business world and, more importantly, to start them thinking about the gifts, interests, and aptitudes they are gifted with and how they might use those to find a vocation they are passionate about. Rod Olps, EMSI’s human resources director, will spend the last section of the day discussing how students should think about their calling, furthering their education, and making key decisions at this stage in life as they grow in Christ and in maturity.


This event will be hosted at the EMSI office (409 S Jackson) and EMSI will be providing lunch for the students as part of the event.






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