LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2013/14 – #26



Teacher Workday: This Friday is a teacher work day. Teachers will be wrapping up the 3rd quarter and preparing to finish strong. Students are not required to wear their dress uniform this Thursday.


NBC Basketball Camps: A few families have asked about summer camps for their kids. NBC is a fine Christian organization that has been running camps for years, and I highly recommend them. For more information see https://www.nbccamps.com/basketball/camps/whitworth-university1/



Classroom Play: This Thursday morning Mrs. Merkle’s kindergarten class will be on stage! Both 4th grade classes will open with a recitation at 8:35. All are welcome to attend!



Girls Twill Blazer: A nice blazer has been added to the secondary girl’s uniform choices. Our goal is to provide an attractive and affordable addition that can be worn in the classroom, especially during colder weather. It is reasonably priced and must be purchased at French Toast. This item does not take the place of the dress uniform vest on Fridays and it is not required.


11th Grade MBA in  a Day: EMSI will be hosting the Logos Junior class for a full school day on April 3, 2014 for what we are calling “Logos MBA in a Day”. Using our operations at EMSI as an example, we are going to introduce the students to all of the functions that are required to run a business and the various occupations that are involved in each. For instance, a session on product development will explain how businesses create products and introduce students to various vocations in this area such as computer programming, design, and manufacturing. A session on finance will introduce students to all of the ways a business must collect, report, pay taxes on, and distribute money and the various jobs such as accounting, bookkeeping, and tax law that are available in this area. The day will consist of a number of short sessions on topics such as this.


The goal of the day is to give the students a better understanding of the business world and, more importantly, to start them thinking about the gifts, interests, and aptitudes they are gifted with and how they might use those to find a vocation they are passionate about. Rod Olps, EMSI’s human resources director, will spend the last section of the day discussing how students should think about their calling, furthering their education, and making key decisions at this stage in life as they grow in Christ and in maturity.


This event will be hosted at the EMSI office (409 S Jackson) and EMSI will be providing lunch for the students as part of the event.






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