Logos School partners with Homestead Ministries to feed the needy

MOSCOW, ID – Instead of selling candy bars or magazine subscriptions, leaders at Logos school in Moscow wanted to do something worthwhile and important to the community.

Thursday Logos students collected pledges for their time spent participating in Feed the Need .

Jenee’ Ryan was at Logos School Thursday morning and has more.

“It’s fun filling the bag with lentils,’ said Shannon Beauchamp, first grader at Logos School.

Shannon, along with nearly 400 other Logos School students ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade, partnered with Homestead Ministries Thursday to assemble 10,000 meals to fight hunger on the Palouse.

“You put little peas in bags and you bring them over to this place where they seal them really set shut,” said Piper Beauchamp, first grader at Logos School.

All the recipient has to do is add water.

“We take local people and we take local product and we take local money and we go ahead and feed our local, our immediate people around us,” said Homestead Ministries Co-Founder, Tom Riedner.

“Over 15% of the Palouse has a hard time putting food on the table, which is a lot of people,” said Claire Ahmann, 11th grader at Logos School.

“If the people don’t have enough food, they’ll die,” said Beauchamp.

And the kids don’t want that to happen to anyone on the Palouse.

“Sometimes they need help and you don’t need help and you can help them,” said Jack Bakken, first grader at Logos School.

Not only is this a great project that helps out our community, but it’s also a great learning experience for the students.”

“You’re teaching those kids that they don’t have to just think about themselves, that there’s other people out there that can use some help.”

“You wanna grow a givers heart when they’re young and so introducing them to this kind of thing develops a certain type of person who’s a giver and who does it joyfully,” said Logos School Development Director, Gene Liechty.

Homestead Ministries will begin distributing the meals Logos students packaged to the hungry in Latah, Whitman and Nez Perce Counties as early as (Friday) tomorrow.


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