11th Grade Registration

11th Grade Registration: There have been a few questions about Registration Day for juniors. Here’s the scoop:

1. Juniors need to select an elective class. Remember that students must have at least 1 fine arts credit to graduate.

2. Juniors will need to decide between the following two math classes: Trigonometry or Pre-College Algebra. The latter is an alternative to Trigonometry for 11th graders who need to shore up their mathematics foundation in preparation for college level studies. Please feel free to contact Mr. Courtney if you are unsure of which to sign up for.

3. Juniors have the option of taking Greek. If a student is not taking Greek, then he will have one study period during the day in which he will work on homework in the library or auditorium.

NOTE: If your child has not been at Logos since 9th grade or has not passed all of his classes, please contact Charlene Polek (registrar) to confirm that he is on track to meet all graduation requirements.