Samuel Dickison

In August I moved back to Moscow from Kailua, Hawaii. I had been teaching 5th grade at a classical Christian school there. My wife and I loved Hawaii-it was the first place we lived after we got married, we’d had our son there, and we had an amazing school, church and group of friends. I was born and raised in Moscow, however, and after four years we knew it was time to come back. I attended Logos from 3rd to 12th grades and was more than excited to land a job teaching here. When I first started teaching I was surprised at how satisfying it was. Every day I felt like I was working at something important with people who were important. That feeling has only grown since I have been at Logos. Teaching rhetoric, history and literature feels like an endeavor with eternal consequences. I love tackling books, stories and questions with my students. I love following in God’s steps as we explore and expand the world.

My wife, Rosalie, and I knew there would be difficult aspects of moving. You can’t surf in Idaho. But the last few months here in Moscow have been far better than we imagined. Logos is an amazing community of teachers and students clearly seeking to enjoy God. Since being back I have rediscovered the profundity of Moby-Dick and have learned more about the Sumerians than I ever thought I would. We have cut down our first real Christmas tree and watched our son’s confusion and excitement at the snow. We really are happy and grateful to be here.

Logos Students Feed the Need

Written by Shanon Quinn, Daily News Staff Writer, Friday, October 16, 2015
The Multi-purpose room at Logos school was buzzing with activity Thursday as students from all grades worked in shifts to mix and package 15,000 meals for donation to area fool banks for the annual Feed the Need project.
The event began last year when Logos partnered with Homestead Ministries to help stock food pantries for the cold months ahead.
Music played and children laughed and visited cheerfully while they turned measured bulk legumes, grains and spices into plastic packaging at an accelerated pace in order to meet an ambitious goal.
“I’m getting the system down,” high school junior Boden Lloyd said between measuring ingredients and directing younger children to the spices. “We’re trying to make 15,000. We’re trying to beat our goal by 5,000 since last year.”
“At the food banks we hardly ever get meal items, so it’s great to get one thing that’s a complete meal,” said Paige Collins, executive director from the Council on Aging and Human Services. “This is especially awesome. We may get tons of other donations but this is more important than most of them because it has all of the pieces of a whole meal.”
Linda Nickels said the Latah County Food bank also did well donation wise this year, with an abundance of produce from Backyard Harvest as well as individuals sharing from their own gardens. “Now most people are pulling their gardens up, so it’s mainly apples and squash,” she said.
“The numbers of people using has really climbed the last couple of years,” she said, but for now the numbers are steadying.
But with winter right around the corner, both women expect an influx of families. Between the holiday season, high electric bills and lay-off time for seasonal workers, many need an extra hand.
Collins said the Logos and Homestead Ministries donation helps to fill in the gap before Thanksgiving, “When everyone and their mother wants to donate,” she said. “And the kids are so excited about it, it just makes me happy in my heart.”
To donate to the Moscow Food Bank, visit their location at 110 North Polk St in Moscow.

The Bakken Family

Logos has been a great blessing to our family as we raise our children. We have sons enrolled in kindergarten and first grade. The boys’ enthusiasm for learning overflows from the classroom into our home life each day. We’re encouraged that our children are challenged to grow, not just academically, but physically and spiritually as well. Their teachers skillfully educate our children with a true concern for their souls. The insight we have received from these godly teachers has been instrumental in encouraging our sons’ love for God and His world. We are thankful to have Logos helping to faithfully educate our children.

Chantelle Courtney

This is my second year teaching at Logos. As many of you know, I spent seven years as a student at the school and loved my educational experience, so much so that my greatest desire was to come back and teach! What I most enjoy about teaching at Logos is the Christ-centered focus. My second grade students and I don’t talk about anything without also talking about God. Everything begins and ends with our Creator.

My students are incredibly enthusiastic. They especially love learning about the things around them, particularly plants and animals that they can find in their own back yards. I love their joy and fascination with the world God created for us. The delight they have for learning is refreshing and infectious. My students have reminded me to stop and look at the veins on deciduous leaves and compare them to the palm of my hand; that I don’t squash an ant when it wanders across my path, but I stop and watch it work; that I don’t grumble at the bird squawking outside my window, but I try to determine what kind of bird it is. The children in my class have even taught me to be excited about snakes – not so excited that I would touch one, but excited enough to want to learn more about them!

Being a teacher at Logos is more than just presenting information to the students and making them learn and memorize it. It’s coming along side the parents and training the students to better love and serve their neighbors and our Heavenly Creator. I love the fact that I get to play a part in shaping the lives of these little saints!

An Intramural Scrimmage

Logos Mock Trial Team Practices for Nationals

Moscow Pullman Daily News, Friday, May 8, 2015
By Shanon Quinn, Daily News staff unnamed

A Moscow jury decided late Thursday that Detail Security Incorporated was responsible for damages incurred after one of its employees allegedly used a Taser on a young woman he perceived as a threat.

Both sides were represented by the Logos School Mock Trial Team – Idaho’s mock trial state champions.

The team debated the real case of Andy Archer v. Detail Security nearly a year after the encounter left 19-year-old Archer – a college student on a full track scholarship – with a complex compound fracture to her femur when she was immobilized while racing up a flight of stone steps in the North Carolina state capitol.

“What these young people have done represents a whole lot of work,” their coach, Chris Schlect, said. “We were in Boise in March where we wound up … arguing in front of 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Randy Smith, who was presiding judge – which was one step away from the Supreme Court. And we prevailed.”

The team, which consists of Logos School students Summer Stokes, Preston Evans, Sofia Minudri, Lizzie Schlect, Jameson Evans, Danny Bradley, Luke Mason and Sonya Isenberg, will compete for the national title Thursday through May 16 in Raleigh, N.C.

In order to make their practice run as true to life as possible, the team had the assistance of numerous Moscow residents, including as jurors Lt. Tim Besst with the Latah County Sheriff’s Department, Grace Burnett of New Saint Andrews College, Pastor Douglas Busby of the Evangelical Free Church of the Palouse, News Director Evan Ellis of KQQQ Radio, Moscow City Councilman Wayne Krauss and Mayor Bill Lambert.

Presiding over the case was Judge John C. Judge.

In dark suits and with a professional bearing, the students argued their case for more than two hours before the jury deliberated – and avoided breaking into laughter even when the rest of the very full courtroom did.

At the end of the session, Judge – although he had laughed along with the rest at the students’ need to continually switch characters – commended the team for their hard work, professionalism and knowledge of the case they only had access to for four weeks.

“I don’t see law students performing as well as you have,” Judge said. “You are champions.”

Logos Headed to First Ever State Tournament

Knights begin title hunt Thursday in Boise
Moscow Pullman Daily News, Tuesday, March 3

Logos boys basketball coach Matt Whitling doesn’t have a special formula for how prepare his team for its first state tournament appearance in school history.

It’s his first time, too.

“Us focusing on practicing hard over the next couple of days and playing the way we’ve played all season long is what we’re going to do,” said Whitling, who is in his tenth (non-consecutive) year with the team. “We’re going to focus on one possession at a time and getting good defensive stops and having fun working hard on offense. It’s a ‘one possession at a time’ goal for us. Part of it will be the fun of learning what it’s like to be in Boise and play in the state tournament.”

The Knights enter the Division IA District 2 State Tournament with a 17-6 overall record, after punching their ticket with a convincing 80-50 victory over Cascade on Saturday in a play-in contest. Logos will begin its state title journey against MacKay at 6:15 p.m. on Thursday at Caldwell High School.

“We really have two objectives in that game: No. 1 is we want to work harder than them, and the second objective is we want to have more fun than they do on the court,” Whitling said. “We’re going to state with those two goals and one game in mind. If we’re successful against MacKay then we’ll bring those two goals to the next team we play. There’s a lot that we have to learn as we go and we’re excited to see what it’s like.”

The Knights are led by their trio of seniors – Levi Wintz, Jonny Handel and Paul Ryan – all of whom have been playing Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball together since the eighth grade and were key contributors on last year’s state championship track team.

Ryan is set to run cross country/track at Washington State next season, while Handel will head to Lewiston to run for Lewis-Clark State College. But in the meantime, they have a state title to contend for.
“It’s a great group of guys, Whitling said. “They’re not especially tall but they’re very fast and they work very hard.”
Wintz is still unsure of his collegiate destination for next year (he’s considering Idaho) but his play on the court has been nothing short of certain all season. The 6-foot-1 track star was recently named Whitepine Player of the Year and has had several games this season in which he surpassed the 20-point mark. He was joined by Ryan on the All-League First Team.
“Levi has been the recipient of a lot of great passes from his teammates this year,” Whitling said. “He’s a great player but he’s a part of the team. We’ve got guys who are getting good defensive stops and feeding him the ball and he has just done a great job of finishing.”
Whitling described the 5-7 Handel as the team’s workhorse, who frequently sacrifices his body, as he did in Saturday’s win over Cascade when dove into stands white attempting a steal.
“He has the scrapes and bruises on his knees and forearms that we want him to have,” Whitling said. “He’s an aggressive guy and he really makes up for his height in work ethic.”
It will take strong efforts from all three seniors, including the point guard play of the 6-1 Ryan, for Logos to continue to make history and bring the school a basketball state championship.
“The biggest thing that we focus on is defense,” Whitling said. “We tend to be shorter than our competition and usually lighter. We have to really get after it on the defensive end. A lot of hard work and moving our feet on defense, and hustle, is where we start.”
The Logos boys basketball team is traveling to the state tournament in Caldwell (just west of Boise). Their first game is at 5:15 PST tomorrow (Thursday). You can watch this and all subsequent games this weekend at


Artists & Poets Abound

The editorial staff at the Moscow Pullman Daily News was so impressed with the caliber of poetry and fine art pieces submitted by Logos students for their quarterly supplement, VOICE OF THE YOUTH, that they designated a full page to Logos School!

Check out page 4 in the February 25 issue!

Congratulations to our 6th grade poets whose work was selected: Alex Blum, Olivia Igielski, Hero Merkle, Naomi Michaels, Jared Stokes, Julia Urquidez, Abigail Visger, Mary Visger, and Lucia Wilson.

Congratulations to our fine arts students whose pieces are featured in this issue: Sarah Miller, Heather Perley, and Summer Stokes.

Way to go students! Praise God!

Determined and working hard Evans received a full scholarship to his dream college

MOSCOW, ID – KLEW cares about you and that’s why each week during the school year, we highlight an outstanding local high school student.

Jenee’ Ryan introduces us too Logos School Senior, Jameson Evans.

This Logos Knight is ready to take on the world. He’ll soon attend his dream school, the University of Alabama, where he’ll major in chemical engineering and because he maintains a 4.0 GPA , he’s received a full scholarship.

Dianne Bradley

This is my seventh year teaching at Logos School, where I spent the first four years part-time in sixth grade and the last three years full-time in fourth grade. We moved our family to Moscow in 2008 in order to be closer to New Saint Andrews College where our daughters were attending. I never expected to be so overwhelmed with what a wonderful place Logos is! As a teacher, I appreciate the support and wisdom of the administration, the camaraderie of the staff, and the love and respect of my students. It is a joy to come to work in a place where respect, hard work, firm discipline, joyfulness, and love of neighbor are upheld and expected.

As a parent of a son who is now a junior, I am grateful beyond measure for all that he has gained and continues to gain from his education at Logos. He has benefited from amazing and available teachers, a firm yet loving administration, and extracurricular activities such as sports, Mock Trial, and Drama. He has grown in leaps and bounds in many ways since his first year.

The thing I appreciate most about Logos School is how unapologetically Christ is woven throughout the entire program – from the smallest of procedures to the most visible events. I could not think of a better place to invest my time than Logos School.

School puts down pencils to help feed thousands of local families in need

MOSCOW, Idaho – There was only one test at Logos School in Moscow, Idaho, Thursday and it didn’t involve any pencils or books. Their goal was to see if the student body can fill 10,000 bags with food.