Logos Headed to First Ever State Tournament

Knights begin title hunt Thursday in Boise
Moscow Pullman Daily News, Tuesday, March 3

Logos boys basketball coach Matt Whitling doesn’t have a special formula for how prepare his team for its first state tournament appearance in school history.

It’s his first time, too.

“Us focusing on practicing hard over the next couple of days and playing the way we’ve played all season long is what we’re going to do,” said Whitling, who is in his tenth (non-consecutive) year with the team. “We’re going to focus on one possession at a time and getting good defensive stops and having fun working hard on offense. It’s a ‘one possession at a time’ goal for us. Part of it will be the fun of learning what it’s like to be in Boise and play in the state tournament.”

The Knights enter the Division IA District 2 State Tournament with a 17-6 overall record, after punching their ticket with a convincing 80-50 victory over Cascade on Saturday in a play-in contest. Logos will begin its state title journey against MacKay at 6:15 p.m. on Thursday at Caldwell High School.

“We really have two objectives in that game: No. 1 is we want to work harder than them, and the second objective is we want to have more fun than they do on the court,” Whitling said. “We’re going to state with those two goals and one game in mind. If we’re successful against MacKay then we’ll bring those two goals to the next team we play. There’s a lot that we have to learn as we go and we’re excited to see what it’s like.”

The Knights are led by their trio of seniors – Levi Wintz, Jonny Handel and Paul Ryan – all of whom have been playing Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball together since the eighth grade and were key contributors on last year’s state championship track team.

Ryan is set to run cross country/track at Washington State next season, while Handel will head to Lewiston to run for Lewis-Clark State College. But in the meantime, they have a state title to contend for.
“It’s a great group of guys, Whitling said. “They’re not especially tall but they’re very fast and they work very hard.”
Wintz is still unsure of his collegiate destination for next year (he’s considering Idaho) but his play on the court has been nothing short of certain all season. The 6-foot-1 track star was recently named Whitepine Player of the Year and has had several games this season in which he surpassed the 20-point mark. He was joined by Ryan on the All-League First Team.
“Levi has been the recipient of a lot of great passes from his teammates this year,” Whitling said. “He’s a great player but he’s a part of the team. We’ve got guys who are getting good defensive stops and feeding him the ball and he has just done a great job of finishing.”
Whitling described the 5-7 Handel as the team’s workhorse, who frequently sacrifices his body, as he did in Saturday’s win over Cascade when dove into stands white attempting a steal.
“He has the scrapes and bruises on his knees and forearms that we want him to have,” Whitling said. “He’s an aggressive guy and he really makes up for his height in work ethic.”
It will take strong efforts from all three seniors, including the point guard play of the 6-1 Ryan, for Logos to continue to make history and bring the school a basketball state championship.
“The biggest thing that we focus on is defense,” Whitling said. “We tend to be shorter than our competition and usually lighter. We have to really get after it on the defensive end. A lot of hard work and moving our feet on defense, and hustle, is where we start.”
The Logos boys basketball team is traveling to the state tournament in Caldwell (just west of Boise). Their first game is at 5:15 PST tomorrow (Thursday). You can watch this and all subsequent games this weekend at http://www.idahosports.com/


Artists & Poets Abound

The editorial staff at the Moscow Pullman Daily News was so impressed with the caliber of poetry and fine art pieces submitted by Logos students for their quarterly supplement, VOICE OF THE YOUTH, that they designated a full page to Logos School!

Check out page 4 in the February 25 issue!

Congratulations to our 6th grade poets whose work was selected: Alex Blum, Olivia Igielski, Hero Merkle, Naomi Michaels, Jared Stokes, Julia Urquidez, Abigail Visger, Mary Visger, and Lucia Wilson.

Congratulations to our fine arts students whose pieces are featured in this issue: Sarah Miller, Heather Perley, and Summer Stokes.

Way to go students! Praise God!

Determined and working hard Evans received a full scholarship to his dream college

MOSCOW, ID – KLEW cares about you and that’s why each week during the school year, we highlight an outstanding local high school student.

Jenee’ Ryan introduces us too Logos School Senior, Jameson Evans.

This Logos Knight is ready to take on the world. He’ll soon attend his dream school, the University of Alabama, where he’ll major in chemical engineering and because he maintains a 4.0 GPA , he’s received a full scholarship.


Dianne Bradley

This is my seventh year teaching at Logos School, where I spent the first four years part-time in sixth grade and the last three years full-time in fourth grade. We moved our family to Moscow in 2008 in order to be closer to New Saint Andrews College where our daughters were attending. I never expected to be so overwhelmed with what a wonderful place Logos is! As a teacher, I appreciate the support and wisdom of the administration, the camaraderie of the staff, and the love and respect of my students. It is a joy to come to work in a place where respect, hard work, firm discipline, joyfulness, and love of neighbor are upheld and expected.

As a parent of a son who is now a junior, I am grateful beyond measure for all that he has gained and continues to gain from his education at Logos. He has benefited from amazing and available teachers, a firm yet loving administration, and extracurricular activities such as sports, Mock Trial, and Drama. He has grown in leaps and bounds in many ways since his first year.

The thing I appreciate most about Logos School is how unapologetically Christ is woven throughout the entire program – from the smallest of procedures to the most visible events. I could not think of a better place to invest my time than Logos School.

School puts down pencils to help feed thousands of local families in need

MOSCOW, Idaho – There was only one test at Logos School in Moscow, Idaho, Thursday and it didn’t involve any pencils or books. Their goal was to see if the student body can fill 10,000 bags with food.


Logos School partners with Homestead Ministries to feed the needy

MOSCOW, ID – Instead of selling candy bars or magazine subscriptions, leaders at Logos school in Moscow wanted to do something worthwhile and important to the community.

Thursday Logos students collected pledges for their time spent participating in Feed the Need .

Jenee’ Ryan was at Logos School Thursday morning and has more.

“It’s fun filling the bag with lentils,’ said Shannon Beauchamp, first grader at Logos School.

Shannon, along with nearly 400 other Logos School students ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade, partnered with Homestead Ministries Thursday to assemble 10,000 meals to fight hunger on the Palouse.

“You put little peas in bags and you bring them over to this place where they seal them really set shut,” said Piper Beauchamp, first grader at Logos School.

All the recipient has to do is add water.

“We take local people and we take local product and we take local money and we go ahead and feed our local, our immediate people around us,” said Homestead Ministries Co-Founder, Tom Riedner.

“Over 15% of the Palouse has a hard time putting food on the table, which is a lot of people,” said Claire Ahmann, 11th grader at Logos School.

“If the people don’t have enough food, they’ll die,” said Beauchamp.

And the kids don’t want that to happen to anyone on the Palouse.

“Sometimes they need help and you don’t need help and you can help them,” said Jack Bakken, first grader at Logos School.

Not only is this a great project that helps out our community, but it’s also a great learning experience for the students.”

“You’re teaching those kids that they don’t have to just think about themselves, that there’s other people out there that can use some help.”

“You wanna grow a givers heart when they’re young and so introducing them to this kind of thing develops a certain type of person who’s a giver and who does it joyfully,” said Logos School Development Director, Gene Liechty.

Homestead Ministries will begin distributing the meals Logos students packaged to the hungry in Latah, Whitman and Nez Perce Counties as early as (Friday) tomorrow.



feed the need daily news photoThe following article, written by Shanon Quinn, appeared on the cover of the Moscow Pullman Daily News Today!

  Logos Students Package 10,000 Meals for Local Food Banks

The sizable gymnasium at Logos School was alive with activity Thursday as groups of students worked with a cheerful readiness only youth are capable of, packaging and labeling 10,000 soup mixes for donation to food banks in Latah and Whitman counties and even as far north as Spokane.

The K-12 students, in matching T-shirts declaring the name of the day-long project, Feed the Need, measured, mixed and bagged their product at 14 tables equipped with funnels and measuring implements.

The event, sponsored by Family Promise of the Palouse and Mike Church at Key Properties, is the first of its kind at Logos, but the school’s director, Gene Liechty, said he hopes to make it an annual one.

The school partnered with Homestead Ministries, a nondenominational, faith-based volunteer organization that seeks to support local agriculture while finding solutions to reduce hunger locally and regionally. The ministry, based on the Palouse, was formed less than three months ago by Tom Reidner and Greg Nolan.

Reidner said the packaging event is the fourth of its kind they have done since the group’s inception.

“We’ve worked with a Catholic school in Colton, Boy Scouts in Genesee and students at Washington State University,” he said.

The ministry purchased 20 package sealers for the event, heavy plastic bags for packaging and supplied the peas, beans, lentils and spices the children used in packaging their soups.

“The peas and lentils are local,” said Reidner, who is a grain supplier. “But we had to order the beans from Wisconsin, because we don’t grow them around here.”

Between community volunteers – some of whom took vacation days from work in order to assist at the event – ministry volunteers, school faculty, staff and the student body, the group had packed more than 7,000 meals by the time they broke for lunch.

By 2 p.m., the scoreboard read 9,000.

And excitement didn’t wane among the students.”This has been exhilarating,” Danny Bradley, an 11th-grade student said. “It’s great to be giving back to the community.”

Liechty said events like Feed the Need are the reason Logos exists as a Christian school. “This gets to the heart of why we’re here,” he said. “We’re teaching them about need, then helping them meet the need. We’re not only working to educate the mind, but to grow the heart.”

Schumaker Family

We have had children enrolled at Logos for the past 14 years, and our youngest is only in third grade!  It is such a blessing to be a part of the school. We are grateful for the Christ-centered atmosphere. Our children are surrounded by God’s love in action every day. Over the years, the staff has given us incredible insights into who our children are and how we can best encourage them.

As our family (and expenses) grew much faster than our income, we reached a point of not knowing if we could keep up financially. We were considering many options, and decided to apply for financial aid this year. It turned out to be a huge blessing that our children benefit from every single school day. We are grateful for the opportunity to say “Thank You” to the donors whose generosity helps to make an outstanding Christ-centered education possible for so many families.

Vis Family

“Logos has been a tremendous blessing to our family. As we begin our 7th year here, we are once again overwhelmed by the wisdom, dedication and integrity exhibited by the staff as they teach our children not just about facts and figures, but also how to understand them in light of God’s providential care of His creation. We appreciate that our children are at the same time challenged academically and encouraged spiritually. This year we are sending our fourth child to Logos, and we continue to be grateful for the teachers and administrators who wholeheartedly share in our efforts and desire to develop a mature Christian character in our children. All our children have a great respect for their teachers and enjoy the camaraderie of classmates and friends as they learn and grow together in this secure and loving environment.”

Smith Family

“A few years ago, we uprooted our family, moving from California to Idaho for the express purpose of enrolling our children in Logos. We have never regretted that decision. It is such a blessing to have our children attending this school — a school where teachers and administrators love the Lord and care deeply for our children — a place where the curriculum is excellent and subjects are taught with enthusiasm.

Our children are excited about their studies and come home each day eager to teach mom and dad something new. All this makes me want to go back to kindergarten!”

– Ron Smith