Parent & Student Surveys

Dear Logos Parents,

Secondary Student Surveys

During the week of February 1st we will be asking the secondary students to complete a brief survey for each class that they are enrolled in. This survey is designed to communicate the students’ perceptions of the secondary program, especially the instruction, to the secondary faculty and administrators. We value the students’ opinion, and our goal is improve each year. This would be a great time to sit down with your child and discuss each class with him/her. Secondary parents are also welcome to provide input at this time. Simply print out the Secondary Student Survey which is attached to this email and turn it in to my box in the front office by Friday, February 5th.

Elementary Parent Surveys

During the same week, we will be asking the elementary parents to complete a survey for each elementary class in which they have a child enrolled. This form will come home attached to the HAS this Friday. Please fill this out and return it to my box in the front office by Friday, February 5th. I’ve attached the Parent Survey to this email as well.

Thank you for your continued support as we plow forward into spring!


Matt Whitling