Mock Trial


Idaho Student Honored at National Mock Trial Championship

(from the Idaho Law Foundation’s Annual Report for 2008)

Each year at the National High School Mock Trial
Championship, individual participants are recognized for
personal achievement during the competition. This year, Maggie
Church of Logos Secondary School stood out, even among the
top individual competitors.

Out of nearly 350 students participating in the national
competition, judges singled out only 10 for individual
recognition. The first nine were called forward at the awards
banquet to be recognized. Then came the tenth announcement.
Only one participant was nominated unanimously in all four
rounds of the competition: Maggie Church, of Idaho. With this
award, Maggie was identified as the top mock trial competitor
in the nation.

This comes as no surprise to those who have seen Maggie in
action. She was a great and very unique competitor throughout
the entire 2008 mock trial season. Her demeanor was always
calm and centered, while at the same time razor sharp.
In 2008 Maggie Church emerged as a role model for other
mock trial competitors, showing everyone that rare quality of
intensity with grace. All of Idaho can be proud of this
outstanding young woman.