Summer Camps & Summer School: Logos is offering a wide array of summer camps (basketball, volleyball, mountain biking, sewing, science, etc…) and summer school classes (English, math, Latin, and Logic).  We are looking forward to a great summer! See the Principal’s Page for more information.

Open Gym: Basketball open gym this evening from 7-9 (5th grade and older).  Bring your own ball.


Blue Knights Basketball Camp: Elementary basketball for boys in grades 4-6 is underway.  The final round of regular season games will take place this Friday at Lunch (11:35-12:15).  Parents are welcome to come and cheer.

SAT Testing: This week we are administering Stanford Achievement Tests in grades 1-6 and the Metropolitan Readiness Test in Kindergarten.  Please avoid scheduling appointments during this time if at all possible.


Student Body Officers: This Thursday the candidates for class and student body office will be delivering “campaign” speeches.  Students will vote for these officers next Tuesday at lunch.

9th & 10th Grade Protocol:

  • Thursday, April 15th, third period in the auditorium, Mrs. Nancy Wilson will review with us and speak on How to be a Good Guest. Students will be dismissed on Thursday at 1:25 to prepare, and they should be back to the auditorium by 5:20 sharp.

We are looking forward to a wonderful meal at West of Paris on April 15th and Mr. Garfield and his cast have prepared a special Mystery Theater production after dinner. Parents who have signed up for the Mystery Theater should be in the auditorium at 7:30 PM.  The evening will conclude around 9:00.

For more information about the school please visit https://logosprincipalspage.com/

All the best,

Matt Whitling