LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2021/2022 – #19

————-  GENERAL  ————-

The Knight’s Fest Ball is this Friday, Jan 28th, hosted by the seniors.  This is for Logos students only.  GENTLEMEN – Dress shirts, ties, and slacks. LADIES – Knee-length dresses or skirts. Modest necklines only (no strapless tops, halter-tops, or spaghetti straps). SHOES – Clean shoes on the floor only; no dress shoes or high heels. 6-7:30pm for Elementary, 7:30-8pm practice dance, 8-10pm Secondary. Price is $5 per person or $15 family. 

School Year 2022-23 update:

  • Re-enrollment for fall 2022 is concluding.  
  • If you or somebody you know is interested in enrolling a new student at Logos, now is the time to apply for next year.  We’ll soon begin processing the 100+ new applications.  
  • Next year’s school calendar is posted on the website here: https://logosschool.com/for-parents/annual-calendar-2022-2023/ 

————-  ELEMENTARY  ————-

New Pick-up Time:  In an attempt to reduce congestion in the lower and upper lots on the main campus we will be changing the end of school time for 3rd and 4th graders.  The new time is 5 minutes earlier (3:05).  5th and 6th dismissal time remains at 3:10.  If your oldest student is in 3rd or 4th try to be at school a little earlier as they will be dismissed at 3:05.  If your youngest is a 5th or 6th grader, plan on being at school a bit later.  This change in dismissal times begins Monday, January 31.  

Elementary Romance Talk  Each year we make a point of speaking to the 3rd – 6th grade students about elementary romance. We are very pleased to say that this has not been an issue that Logos elementary students have struggled with in recent memory, nor do we have grave concerns this year.  Our primary goal is that we maintain a positive school culture in which students do not feel pressure to “grow up” too fast in this area.  Over the next couple of weeks Mr. Becker will stop in for this year’s installment, and he thought it would be good for you all to know what he is saying to the students and what his expectations are in this area.  First of all, the school policy for the elementary and secondary reads, “Public displays of romantic affection are not permitted at school or school activities.”  Our interpretation of a public display of romantic affection is very narrow.  Any singling out of a person of the opposite sex, and anything that you could do to earn yourself the title of “an item” fall into this category.  The discussion with the 3rd – 6th graders usually begins with Mr. Becker asking how old they are, and then following up by asking how old they think they will be when they get married. Then we move on to the application.  The short form is that these students are many, many years away from getting married, and any preliminary negotiations are absolutely inappropriate in the elementary.  We are strongly against silly talk about who likes whom, and we thoroughly opposed premature pairing up (in the elementary and secondary).  There is far too much fun and hard work for us to keep ourselves occupied with to give attention to cheap soap operas.  Please don’t hesitate to let Mr. Becker know if you have any questions or concerns. 

PE Help:  We are looking for a parent volunteer to help with elementary PE. Please contact Shawna Wright if you are interested in helping.  Thank you!

Spelling Bee: The 3rd – 6th graders on the main campus will be competing in the in-school spelling bee on February 4 at 1:00 (aka The Big Showdown).  Classroom spelling bees will be held on Monday, January 31st.  Logos South students will have their in-class spelling bee on February 1. Lists and rules are posted on the website under Academics/Elementary Program/Spelling Bee.

Class Recitations at South:  Due to parking constraints, recitations will not take place during our class play assemblies.  Kelly Driskill has volunteered to video and post our recitations on Facebook and Instagram for you to enjoy.  Thank you for understanding.

————-  SECONDARY  ————-

Parents of student drivers, we have received complaints regarding some of our student’s dangerous driving habits in the upper parking lot at the end of school.  Please remind your student drivers that the parking lot is full of little pedestrians at that time as our elementary school students are also waiting for pick up.  For any secondary school dad wondering how you can help out, Mr. Wiggins would appreciate volunteers to monitor traffic in the upper lot from 3:20-3:40 every school day.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Mr. Wiggins.  

Diaper Donation:  During Knight’s Fest week, 7-12th grade classes will compete to see which can collect the most diapers, to be donated to Palouse Care Network, a local Christian organization that helps women through unplanned pregnancies and related financial hardships. The winning class will be announced on Friday of Knights Fest and will receive a prize! Diapers will be collected on Wednesday and Thursday of Knights Fest (Jan 26 & 27) and can be dropped off in Mr. Becker’s office under the sign with your corresponding class. All diaper sizes are welcomed.

Knight’s Fest for the secondary is underway! Jan. 26-28.  There have been great competitions and workshops, so parents, be sure to ask about the day’s activities.  


Loren Euhus

Assistant Superintendent, Logos School