LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2011/12 – Summer #3


2011-12 Information: Please check the Principal’s Page for the updated school supply list, uniform guidelines, secondary fall schedule, etc…

Elementary and Secondary Class Registration: Registration for all Logos students will take place on August 15-16 between 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM.


Smaller Classes: Now that we have created a few new classes in the lower elementary, we are providing the opportunity for students in the larger classes (1st-Mrs. McIvor-18 students, 2nd-Mrs. Kimmell-22 students, and 3rd-Mrs. Jordan-23 students) to move to the new smaller classes (1st-Ms. Shaw-9 students, 2/3 Combo-Mrs. Bradley/Ms. Jones-10 students). Please contact the front office for details.

Elementary PE: Our elementary PE program is staffed by volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering to help out by teaching your child’s PE class, please contact me this summer.  Each PE class meets twice a week for 30 minutes.


Sports Physicals: If you have a 9th or 11th Grade student who is planning to participate in sports this year, he/she will need to have a physical before the season begins (especially time sensitive for volleyball and cross country). See the Principal’s Page for the correct form to bring to your doctor.

Note: Some internet browsers have not been showing the ATHLETICS menu on the Principal’s Page. If you encounter this problem simply do a search for the words “Sports Physical Form” and then scroll down to the appropriate forms. We will work on making this easier in the future.

Senior Course Options: 12th Graders who will be participating in senior course options (independent studies, internships, or college courses) should be completing their proposals. These are due on August 8 to Mr. Whitling via email, or earlier if possible. See the Principal’s Page for details. There may be a few opportunities for seniors to work in the Logos Elementary classes as part of an internship.  See Mr. Whitling for more information.

11th Grade Choices:

Functions & Statistics or Pre-Calculus

During registration, juniors will need to select one of two math classes, Functions & Statistics or Pre-Calculus.  We recommend that students who averaged 85% or lower on their Algebra II exams take Functions & Statistics.  The Algebra II exam grade was supplied on last year’s report card.  If you don’t have this information handy, feel free to contact me.

Greek or Music

11th graders are allowed to choose between Greek and music for their M/W/F first period class. Those who have completed Latin in their 9th and 10th grade years have all of their required foreign language credits for graduation. Please note that beginning in 2013 graduates will need Greek in order to receive an honors diploma.

Tiered Diplomas: The school board has approved offering three different graduation diplomas beginning with the graduating class of 2012-13. This will allow Logos to offer the following diplomas:

Honors: for students who go above and beyond the call of duty in their studies

Standard: for students who meet the regular graduation requirements

Associate: for students who have joined Logos midway through high school

For specific graduation requirements click here.

For more information about the school please visit https://logosprincipalspage.com/


Matt Whitling