LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2010/11 – Week #29


SAT Testing: Next week we will be administering Stanford Achievement Tests in grades 1-6 and the Metropolitan Readiness Test in Kindergarten.  Please avoid scheduling appointments during this time if at all possible.


Mock Trial: Congratulations to the Mock Trial A Team. They came in 1st place in the State Mock Trial championships. They’ll be traveling to Arizona in April to represent Idaho in the national championships. Way to go!

Pleiades Poetry Contest: Congratulations to Sonya and Will Isenberg for being recognized as “Star” poets by the Moscow Pleiades Club! They will be honored, along with their teachers and family, at a reception at the 1912 Center on April 17. Well done!

Boarding Opportunity: We have accepted a high school student from Korea for the 2011-12 school year.  She is hoping to board with a Christian family in Moscow.  Her family understands that this would be a situation in which they would pay for room and board and that the housing arrangements would not be managed by Logos School. Please consider whether you would be interested in opening your home to Rebekah Kim.

Rebekah Kim is 15 years old (9th Grade), desires to graduate from Logos, and attend college in the United States.  She is an American citizen (born in LA while her father was studying at UCLA) and is very comfortable and competent in English. She is highly motivated to excel in her studies.  She has been home schooled in South Korea for the past few years, since both she and her parents became convinced of the necessity for a thoroughly Christian education. Rebekah was in the same home school group as our very own Michael Kwon (Logos 10th Grade). Rebekah’s debate coach provided the following recommendation, “I’d say that, in over 20 years of providing debate education in 5 different countries, that Rebekah is one of the most intelligent, well-spoken, well-read, and mature students I’ve ever met; and that includes my 6 former Korean students who went to Harvard, Yale and Princeton.” Her parents, Seongsu and Juhee Kim are currently looking for a boarding situation for their daughter.  If you have any interest in boarding Rebekah, please contact her parents at sk2@snu.ac.kr


Matt Whitling