LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2010/11 – #18


Len Jordan’s Memorial Service: Len’s service will take place on Sunday the 16th at 2:00 PM in the Knight’s Court. All are welcome.

Uniform Mini Skirts: Just a friendly dress code reminder.  Girls’ skirts and jumpers must be knee-length or longer.  Some skirts that were knee-length at the beginning of the year may look more like a cheerleader’s uniform today.


Spelling Bee: The 1st – 6th graders will be competing in an in-school spelling bee February 3rd.


CTP-4 Testing: Our 7th – 11th graders are taking their annual standardized tests this week. Please avoid any absences if possible. Part-time students do not take these tests, see Mr. Carnahan regarding the schedule change.


Matt Whitling