Enrollment for 2011-12: We are currently accepting applications for the 2011-2012 school year.  If you would like to add your child to the enrollment pool, applications can be found at https://logosprincipalspage.com/?cat=14 . A number of applications have been submitted for next year’s preschool already.

Class Picture Day: This Friday is class picture day.  Students should wear their dress uniforms.

Fight’n Knight Shirts: The first home volleyball game (on a week day) will take place Thursday, September 30.  Elementary and secondary students are allowed to wear their Fight’n Knight shirt (this year’s or last) and nice jeans (no rips, stains, etc…) or the regular school uniform.  The goal is to have students and parents stay in their Fight’n Knight shirts when they come to cheer for the volleyball girls. If you would like to purchase a t-shirt for your elementary student or a younger sibling, please see Mr. Carnahan in the registrar’s office.

Speech Meet: Elementary and Secondary (7th-9th) Speech Meet selections are due to the classroom teacher next Friday, September 17.


Assembly Accompaniment Tryouts: 4th – 6th grade students are welcome to tryout to accompany singing at elementary assemblies.  Tryouts will take place Thursday, September 16th @ 12:00 in the lunch room.  Student accompanists receive one free hot lunch for every assembly they accompany. See Mr. Whitling for a copy of the two songs.


Secondary Back to School Night: This Friday from 7:00-9:00 PM we will re-enact, in miniature, a secondary school day.  This is an opportunity for parents to come and sit under the instruction of their child’s teachers as we move through all seven periods contained in a normal school day.  Come and learn apologetics from Mr. Euhus, Classical Literature from Mrs. Merkle and PE from Mrs. Spencer and Mr. Whitling as we help provide a fuller picture of what your secondary student receives each day.

Study Tip for the Week

Busy dads need to have a system for staying in touch with how their kids are doing in school.  Don’t wait for the midterm progress report to come home and tell you how things are going.  Require your child to drop off all graded and returned school work at your spot at the dinner table right when he gets home (or some other convenient spot).  Before dinner you can look through the pile to check progress.  This will also give you the information required to ask intelligent questions during dinner about the topics that are being covered in school.

For more information about the school please visit https://logosprincipalspage.com/

All the best,

Matt Whitling