Thanksgiving Vacation: There will be no school next week.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Snow Boots: Elementary and secondary students are welcome to wear snow boots during the snow season.


Utensils: If necessary, please be sure to include utensils with your child’s lunch.  We’ve seen some creative problem solving going on at the lunch table recently.

3rd Grade Play: This Friday the 3rd graders will be performing The Three Princes, by Peter Leithart.  The show will open at 8:35 AM with a Kindergarten recitation.  All are welcome.


Weekly Test Schedule: Thank you for your feedback regarding the Test Schedule.  We are glad that it has been a help, and we will keep sending it out each Friday afternoon.

Blue vs. White Scrimmage: The varsity boys’ basketball team will host an exhibition game the day after Thanksgiving, November 27 at 6:00 PM.  All are welcome to come out and see this year’s squad go head to head in the Knight’s Court.  Admission is free.

Study Tip of the Week

Over the past couple years we have had a few questions about the school’s policy regarding keeping old tests for younger siblings to use in subsequent years.  For example, I have children in grades 9, 8, 5, 4, 2, and Preschool this year.  If I was inclined to save tests from year to year, could I use those tests to help the next child study for the same test one or two years later?  The short answer is, no.  Students who have access to the previous year’s tests and answers have a distinct and unfair advantage over the other students in the class.  Teachers, both in the elementary and secondary, provide review sheets before each test.  This is what the students should use (along with notes, previous work, etc.) as they prepare for tests.  At Logos, using someone else’s old test to study for your test is cheating.

For more information about the school please visit https://logosprincipalspage.com/


Matt Whitling