Logos 30th Birthday Benefit Concert

Where Classical Education meets Classic Rock!

Here is an update on the matching grants that have been established.

Here is an introduction and link with information about the upcoming benefit concert.

Hello, and welcome to the Logos 30th Birthday Benefit Concert webpage! My name is Clint Hughes, and I am a Logos father of three. I am very excited to be producing this momentous celebration.

Logos School turns 30 this year, and we have events planned throughout, culminating with this amazing concert gala in the spring. The Logos 30th Birthday Benefit Concert will be a dazzling evening of classic rock and blues featuring Douglas Wilson’s Jenny Geddes Band with many other special guests.

This fundraising event will be web cast LIVE for supporters and alumni around the country to enjoy!

Although Logos is the oldest classical and Christian school, it is not immune to the current financial downturn. We pray this event will help insure continued growth and stability – all to the glory of God. This site was designed to serve two functions. First, it is a source for news and updates of the band and the special guests, including sneak-peek video of us rehearsing! Second, it is designed to facilitate your involvement. There are several up-front costs involved in an unforgettable evening like this, and donations are essential to get the ball rolling! Please help Logos School with a generous donation as we set our sights on the future. All donations are tax deductible, so please consider a year end gift today!

The Logos 30th Birthday Benefit Concert web page contains a secure PayPal account, set up to enable you to help Logos School forge ahead and be a powerful influence on the culture for many years to come. There are also places on the site where you are encouraged to post your prayers, comments, and enthusiasm for this exciting event, as well.

Thank you for visiting, and please bookmark this page to check back for the latest news and updates.


Clint Hughes