Knights’ Festival Schedule

Knights’ Festival Schedule

Week of 1/26/09

Monday– 4th period

  • 11:10-12:00 Work on class entertainment and fight song (class advisor supervise). Meet in homeroom:

7th– Room 5- Mrs. Henreckson

8th– Room 4- Mr. Nance

9th– Room 3- Mr. Bradley

10th– Room 2- Mr. Sumpter

11th– Science Room- Mr. Courtney/Mr. Euhus

12th– Room 1- Mr. Carnahan

Tuesday– periods 1 and 2

  • 8:25-10:10 Work on class entertainment and fight song (class advisor supervise). Meet in homeroom (see above). If done early, conduct 2nd period class.

Wednesday (game day dress: jeans and t-shirts are fine) – periods 3-7

Knights’ Festival Kick-off

  • 10:15-10:30 Crown King and Queen + announcements + singing (gym)

10:30-11:00 Speaker on “Service” (Mr. Olps)

  • 11:00-12:00 Preliminary tournament rounds: chess and volleyball (everyone in gym).
  • 12:00-12:35 Lunch
  • 12:35-1:55 Continue chess and volleyball tournaments (everyone in gym)
  • 2:00-2:30 Practice dance (gym) Mrs. Henreckson/Mr. Nance
  • 2:30-3:00 Practice volleyball (girls) Mrs. Morse/Mrs. Spencer

Sword check/practice (boys) Mr. Struble/

  • 3:00-3:15 Singing + announcements (gym)

Thursday (game day dress: jeans and Fight’n Knight Shirt)

  • 8:30-11:30 Service project (house heads to oversee these)
  • 11:30- 12:35 Lunch
  • 12:35-1:00 Announcements from K&Q + singing- + reports on projects (house heads or a student of the house head’s choosing- 2 min. each)
  • 1:00-1:40 Championship round of volleyball and chess (chess on gym stage w/ Mr. Nance, Mr. Carnahan to ref. volleyball)
  • 1:40-2:15 Sword Fight Tournament (Mr. Garfield to announce)
  • 2:15-3:15 Melee Tournament
  • 3:15- Set up for basketball game (jr. high boys)

Friday- Feast Day (Lords and ladies dress or semi-formal)

  • 9:00-10:30 11th grade set up for feast

Dessert judging

  • 10:30-11:15 Talk: The Blessing of Feasting/Food (Mr. Doug Wilson)
  • 11:15-11:30 Parade of Lords and Ladies (Mrs. Marston, Mr. Whitling, Miss Bradley judge)
  • 11:30- 11:45 Call to Feast
  • 11:45-2:45 Feasting and Entertainment (see attached for entertainment listing)
  • 2:45-3:15 Clean-up (all classes- seniors set up for ball)