Knights' Fest 2011

Knights’ Festival

Knights’ Festival is a three day secondary school celebration held annually during the third quarter of the school year. Major events include competitions, a community service project, and a feast with student entertainment.

Each year the festival schedule will be published in the Logos Principals’ Page a few weeks in advance of the event. If your son will be competing in the sword competition, or your son/daughter in the “Parade of Lords and Ladies” dress-up competition, you might want to start preparing for these in advance of the festival.

The criteria for swords and shields are below.

The criteria for Lords and Ladies attire: Medieval type dress: (for the guys, knights, armor, or monks, etc., and for the gals medieval gowns, nice peasant, etc.) The kids who don’t want to dress medieval wear semi-formal attire (guys- dress shirt, tie, jacket, dress pants and dress shoes. gals- nice long dress)

Entertainment Guidelines

Entertainment Submission Form

Criteria for Swords and Shields