Dear Parents,

Greetings. Well, it seems it’s our turn for losing students (and some staff) to the flu! Thankfully it doesn’t seem too severe, but still not much fun. We have no plans to close the school; even the nation’s government schools found last spring that closing didn’t change the number of cases much and served only to put students further behind in their classes.

In order to help limit the spread of cases, please remember:

1. If children have a fever of 100 or over, please keep them home. (Don’t even send them in to “get their books.” (Inevitably they encounter friends and teachers and, well, you can guess the rest…) Please have someone else retrieve their books/homework (ideally a sibling or friend, not the secretaries).

2. Please keep them home 24 hours AFTER the fever breaks and no longer needs medication to control.

3. Remind your children to wash their hands frequently and use the hand-sanitizers we have in each classroom.

Thank you for your cooperation and we are praying that we will all endure this season with grace, if not health.


Tom Garfield, Superintendent