College Application Deadlines

December 1st is a key day in many college applications.  Now is the time!  It’s not usually the final deadline to apply, but it is often the priority deadline for full financial aid consideration.  Locally:

  • NSA’s Early Bird Scholarship: $500 if you apply before December 1st and confirm before January 1st.  For all financial aid consideration, the deadline it has to be on or before February 15th.  Open enrollment is Feb 16 – May 31 (application fee goes up to $50.)   If you considering NSA, apply now!
  • The University of Idaho’s priority deadline for financial aid is December 1st.  After December 1, the university will continue to admit students, award scholarships and other financial aid to qualified students on a rolling basis as applications are received.  If you are planning on the UI, don’t wait.
  • LCSC has a priority deadline of March 1st for full financial aid consideration.