Protocol Update

Dear Parents,

Our protocol (9th and 10th grade) date is fast approaching and I wanted to fill you in on some important details.

We will have three training sessions next week. Here is the schedule:

Monday, May 9th, 2nd period, Mrs. Donna Grauke will cover table manners and escorting.

Tuesday, May 10th, 1st period, Mr. Jim Nance will train the students in “The Art of Conversation.”

Tuesday, May 10th, 3rd period, I will cover being a good guest and then walk the students through the evening.

On Tuesday afternoon the students will be dismissed after 6th period (at 2:25). We will meet back at the Logos auditorium at 4:30 for photos and to receive escorts. By 5:00 we will arrive at the Flack home for a hors d’ouevres reception where the students will practice their conversation skills and introductions. Our dinner reservations are at 6:00. I am not sure how long dinner will take, but I hope to have the students back to school by 9:00 at the latest.

A special thank you to Krystal Flack for hosting the reception and to Sheri Jeschke for organizing the food. Thanks also to all the moms who have volunteered to prepare the hors d’ouerves for this event. We are looking forward to a delightful evening!


Tora Whitling