Annual Summer Training


This training is intended for all who desire to acquire or improve their skills as classical and Christian educators, administrators, and board members. This training is officially endorsed by the Association of Classical & Christian Schools.

WHEN: July 11-14, 2017.

WHERE: The seminars will be hosted and conducted by staff members of Logos School in Moscow, Idaho. (Qualified faculty of other classical, Christian schools may also serve as instructors.) School is located at 110 Baker Street.

FEES: $290 for ACCS members or those attending from ACCS schools and $315 for non-ACCS members. 15% off fees for LEAF members. There is a $25.00 late fee for registrations made after June 30.

No refunds will be given after June 30.

There will be two evening meals included, a summer theater production, and more.

Come to Canon Press Dinner & Happy Hour from 5:30-8 pm on Thursday, July 13th. Relax, browse our shelves, and enjoy complimentary dinner, dessert, wine and beer, and live music. Canon Press is located at 207 N Main St (two blocks north of Bucer’s Coffeehouse & Pub). 

REGISTRATION: Register online here.  

The schedule includes a plenary session and four, one hour workshops each day. Our 2016 plenary speakers included Douglas Wilson, Matt Whitling, and Tom Garfield.

Workshops are offered in three tracks: Grammar (Elementary), Logic & Rhetoric (Secondary), and Administrative/Board.

Click the following links for the 2017 daily schedules for our training.

Click the following links for 2017 titles and synopses of our training workshops.

Teacher training is designed for all major subject areas (grades kindergarten through twelve) using the classical method. Workshops will include time to discuss the methodology of each concept and various methods of teaching the material.

Administrators and board members will concentrate on the practical and philosophical considerations of operating a classical, Christian school.

Experience classical teaching from a student perspective.
$50 Additional fee
4:00-5:30 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, July 11-13

Humanities Track: Dr. Chris Schlect
This short course introduces major themes and ideas in the Histories of Herodotus of Halicarnassus. Participants will learn how to approach this great text with a critical and appreciative eye, which pushes them to confront the most basic issues of historical writing.

STEM Track: Dr. Mitch Stokes
One of the most difficult puzzles facing classical Christian educators is how to apply their pedagogical vision to mathematics. In this short course, Dr. Stokes discusses how this might be realistically done, using calculus as a case study.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: An ACCS endorsed certificate indicating the completion of this summer training will be issued to each teacher/administrator by Logos School.

For more information, please call 208.882.1226 and leave a message.


“All of the instructors were extremely approachable, available for questions and advice, and were willing to share ideas and resources freely. What a blessing!”

“Thank you so much! This training has been invaluable and I know will bless me so much going into my first year teaching!”

“I learned a wealth of knowledge and practical applications for my classroom and school.”

“I feel very blessed by the things I’ve learned this week, and excited for school to begin again.”

“I came needing new and fresh ideas for what I do in the classroom. I am leaving feeling refreshed, encouraged that I am using my tools correctly, and with new ideas to implement with my students.”

“This training is imperative for new teachers to gain an understanding of what it means to teach classically. The kindness and helpfulness of all the staff was overwhelmingly evident.”

“The whole experience was a feast for the mind, soul, and body.”

“This was very beneficial in its specificity and practicality of topics offered.”

“I will go home with invaluable wisdom, ideas, resources, inspiration, knowledge, and passion because of what I’ve gained here. Thank you for following Christ in your mission and for serving all of us in this most special of ways.”