Financial Aid

Since opening our doors in 1981, Logos School has not turned away one family unable to afford the entire tuition.

How TADS works with Logos School

TADS is a third party financial aid assessment company that Logos School has partnered with to assist our families, both new and long-term. As a Logos family, you may set up a TADS account at any time. However, the only ‘window’ of time when applications are accepted and processed is March 1 – 31 each year. Award letters are sent out in early April. Therefore, depending on when you go to TADS, you may be told that TADS is “closed” or that you missed the deadline. Feel free to call Logos at any time for more information and assistance (208-882-1226).

Student applications and interviews are not affected by the TADS schedule.

Click here to apply at

Click here to apply at