Application & Tuition

At Logos School, we seek to provide a rich and nourishing environment where all may flourish. The spirit of unity on campus is fostered by parents who are actively involved, caring teachers who love their students and enjoy their work, and students who are growing in their understanding of Christ and the world they share together. At Logos School, we consider ourselves an extension of the family… a dynamic community of faith.

We accept applications throughout the academic year. Regarding any tuition concerns….  please don’t let a possible financial burden keep you from applying. Since opening our doors in 1981, we have never turned a family away because of an inability to pay the full tuition. We seek to strengthen families, not just profit margins.

The basic process for new applicants is as follows:

First day of school: Applications for the following year’s preschool classes are accepted.

All year long: Applications may be submitted. Date of application will be recorded, but will not necessarily be a consideration in acceptance.

January 10 – 31: Re-enrollment of current families for the coming year. (New students from current families require a separate application.)

February 1: Interviews, school visits, and requisite documentation related to each new applicant will be evaluated. This includes any applicable placement testing. Notification of acceptance or denial will be mailed to each applicant. Accepted applicants will receive all appropriate information for preparing for school including financial arrangements. If there is no space, the student’s name will be placed on a waiting list for that grade. Part-time applications will be considered after August 1.

A student’s prior academic achievements will certainly be considered in the application process, but only for grade placement, not as the primary determinant for acceptance. Again, we are seeking to enroll those students who, because of their family’s educational, behavioral, and spiritual priorities, will most benefit from what Logos School can offer them.

Download the Application Form (tuition information included)