LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2022/23 #14  (Dec 7, 2022) 

————-  GENERAL  ————-

Winter Parking/Drop-off Reminder: At Logos West, please pull all the way forward when dropping off and picking up children in the front parking lot. We are trying to avoid cars being stuck halfway up the ramp in the ice and snow.  

New Lost And Found Policy:  All new items will be stored in the “NEW” section on the south side of the L&F and will remain till the coming Monday.  Every Monday items from the “NEW” section will be moved to the “LONG TERM” section on the north side of the L&F.  When the “LONG TERM” section becomes full items in that section only will be for sale to anyone for $5 an item. Proceeds will be donated to the high school class that is managing the L&F that month. Payment can be made to Jen Farley in the main office. Items are for sale anytime the yellow “ALL ITEMS $5” signs are hung up. If a student discovers an item, that previously belonged to them, in the possession of a fellow student the item may be purchased back for $5 from the person who bought it from the L&F.   After a sale leftover items will then be taken to the Hope Center.   DO NOT remove items from the L&F unless they belong to you or you have purchased them during a designated time. This constitutes stealing and will be dealt with accordingly. 

The Christmas Concert will be 7:00-8:00 pm this Friday, December 9th, at the Nazarene Church.  Invite your relatives and friends! 

————-  ELEMENTARY  ————-

Replacement Neckties:  Logos has a limited number of ties for sale; see Jim Becker to buy one.  Alternatively, buy one at Land’s End here:  Elementary Boys’ Uniform Tie.  There are two different sizes to choose from (S or M).  Everyone at Logos West should be ordering the Medium.  

Christmas Concert Reminder: Kindergarteners and 1st graders will proceed to the foyer to be reunited with families after their class performance. 

————-  SECONDARY ————-

Secondary Elective Requests are due Friday.  Log onto FACTS and make your requests.  Students not making a request will be assigned an elective by Logos.  

Christmas Concert Rehearsal (Friday during school):  The secondary school will follow the normal morning school schedule.

High School Choir: –12:05 pm – depart from Logos West for The Nazarene Church 

–1:30 pm – depart from The Nazarene Church for Logos West; attend 6th and 7th-period classes. 

–Transportation is provided.  Students who drive themselves must proceed directly to the Nazarene Church and return to school directly without stopping for fast food.  Please pack a lunch!

Junior High Choir: –2:15 pm – depart from Logos West for The Nazarene Church

–3:20 pm – depart from the Nazarene Church for Logos West

–Transportation is provided.  Parents may elect to pick up their students at the Nazarene Church or at Logos West.  For those students who return via bus,  arrival at Logos West is 3:35 pm.


The importance of asking questions.  The Logos School policy for Secondary Finals requires that teachers provide a minimum of three review sessions prior to the final exam.  In order to ensure students have sufficient time to review the material, teachers are starting their reviews and providing review guides this week.  However, no review or study sheet is totally comprehensive.  This is why it is so important for students to use review sessions wisely by asking good questions.  Please encourage your children to ask questions of their teachers.  

The importance of integrity. Finals week is a time of increased stress for students.  In their desire to do well, the option to take a shortcut becomes all the more tempting, especially when students fail to assess the potential consequences.  This is why it is important to re-emphasize that cheating of any kind will result in a “zero” for the assignment (including a final exam) and an office visit with the principal. The resulting damage to one’s grade and, most importantly, one’s integrity is not easily repaired.  Please encourage your students to resist any temptation to cheat, so that they may enjoy their Christmas break with an earned grade and a clean conscience.  


————- ACTIVITIES  ————

Canceled Games: Recent boys basketball games that were canceled due to weather have been rescheduled: 

  • Tuesday, Dec 20.  Logos @ St. Maries. JV at 5:00/Varsity at 6:30
  • Monday Jan. 2 Deary @ Logos. JV @ 6:00/V 7:30


JH Basketball will begin after Christmas break.  We will have an informational meeting next Monday Dec 12th for all students in grades 6-8 during lunch in room 19. 



Dec 9 Secondary Elective Requests Due

Dec 9 Christmas Concert

Dec 12-16 Final Exams (Secondary)

Jan 2 Teacher Development Day (no school)

Jan 3 First day of the second semester

Jan 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  A regular day of school at Logos.  

Feb 20 Presidents’ Day.  A regular day of school at Logos.  

Mar 6-17 Spring Break, no school




Loren Euhus

Assistant Superintendent, Logos School