LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2022/23 #12  (Nov 16, 2022)   

————-  GENERAL  ————-

Exciting News! Our dear Mrs. Karla Porras is expecting a baby in April!  As Mrs. Porras will be moving on to more important things, we would like to plant the seed to see if anyone would be interested in filling her ½ time secretary role at Logos South.  If you are interested in this role     (beginning sometime in spring) please email Kalen Brockwalder.  

New Lost and Found Policy (Logos West):  All new items will be stored in the “NEW” section on the south side of the L&F and will remain till the coming Monday.  Every Monday items from the “NEW” section will be moved to the “LONG TERM” section on the north side of the L&F.   On the first and third Friday of every month, items in the “LONG TERM” section will be for sale to anyone for $5 an item. Proceeds to be donated to the high school class that is managing the L&F that month. Payment can be made to Jen Farley in the main office.   If “LONG TERM” becomes overfull it will be emptied and taken to the Hope Center.  Please do not remove items from the L&F unless they belong to you or you have purchased them during a designated time. This constitutes stealing and will be dealt with accordingly.  

————-  ELEMENTARY  ————-

5th Grade Play: This Friday Mr. Kohl’s class will be performing in the gym (Logos West). The show will open with a recitation by Mrs. Akin and Mrs. Bradley’s 3rd-grade class at 8:35. All are welcome! 

Elementary Midterms: Elementary midterms (Main, South, and East Campuses) will be coming home this week. Please complete and return these by Wednesday, November 30.

Homework-O-Meter Results: Homework surveys are in, and we’ve crunched the numbers below (averaged between the double/triple classes).  Parents, thank you for taking the time to complete the surveys!

Grade / Actual Numbers / Guideline Targets (per night/5 days a week):

    1st      =     12 min.     (15 min.)

    2nd     =     22 min.     (30 min.)

    3rd     =     27 min.     (45 min.)

    4th     =     27 min.     (45 min.)

    5th     =     29 min.     (45 min.)

    6th     =     36 min.     (60 min.)

————-  SECONDARY ————-

Lunchtime Gym Monitors Needed:  Mr. Wiggins is looking for regularly scheduled volunteers to supervise students in the gym during secondary lunch (12:05-12:40 daily).  Interested parents, please contact Mr. Wiggins.  

Preparation for the final 3 weeks of school:  After Thanksgiving, we will have only three weeks remaining for the semester and one of those weeks will be taken up with finals (Dec 13-16).  Additionally, we have two school-wide extracurricular events, the Christmas Ball on December 2, and the Christmas Choral Concert on December 9, along with several basketball games.  Please encourage your students to use the Thanksgiving break wisely in order to prepare for a fast finish to the semester.  It should be a great time to complete term papers and projects, or get ahead in preparation for finals. 


Nov 21-25    Thanksgiving Break

Dec 2        Christmas Ball

Dec 9         Christmas Program

Dec 13-16    Final Exams (Secondary)

Jan 2        Teacher Workday (no school)

Jan 3        First day of the second semester



Loren Euhus

Assistant Superintendent, Logos School

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