LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2022/23 #11  (Nov 9, 2022) 

————-  GENERAL  ————-

Exciting News! Our dear Mrs. Karla Porras is expecting a baby in April!  As Mrs. Porras will be moving on to more important things, we would like to plant the seed to see if anyone would be interested in filling her ½ time secretary role at Logos South.  If you are interested in this role     (beginning sometime in spring) please email Kalen Brockwalder.  

Available Position: Our wonderful Kelsey Grauke will be retiring from her role as Administrative Assistant for health-related reasons.  We are seeking a replacement for two mornings a week at Logos East.  If you are interested in this position, please contact Kalen Brockwalder.  

————-  ELEMENTARY  ————-

Elementary Lunches: Please be sure to send a disposable fork or spoon with your child if they need one for soups, etc.  The school does not supply utensils for lunch.  

Study Tip of the Week: Flashcards are a super way to commit the material to memory. Whether it is multiplication facts or sight words, using flashcards can be a huge help, if they are used wisely. Here are a few tips:

  1. Have the student make the flashcards themselves. This is a valuable part of studying. Write the question on one side (5 + 6) and the answer on the back (=11). Make sure that the material is written correctly (spelling and neatness) so that the student is not studying incorrect or confusing material. Also, make sure that the answer is written lightly enough so that you cannot see it through the card.
  2. Have the student go through the stack of cards. Every card that they get right should go on the ‘right’ stack and the wrong ones go on the ‘wrong’ stack. Study the ‘wrong’ stack a few times and then go through it again dividing it into two stacks. This focuses on the information that needs the most attention. Eventually, remix the cards and test on all of them, repeating the process until they have it down.
  3. Break study time into small bites. It’s usually best to focus on two or three intense fifteen-minute sessions rather than a solid hour with the attendant distractions and bathroom breaks.


————-  SECONDARY ————-

Lunchtime Gym Monitors Needed:  Mr. Wiggins is looking for regularly scheduled volunteers to supervise students in the gym during secondary lunch (12:05-12:40 daily).  Interested parents, please contact Mr. Wiggins.  

ACCS Choral Festival:  On Friday, November 11, the high school choir will be traveling to Spokane for the ACCS Choral Festival.  Due to the number of high school students in choir, we will not be holding classes for the 9-12th grades on that day.  If your high school student is not traveling with the choir, they should stay home on that day.  

————- ACTIVITIES  ————

HS boys Basketball tryouts are this week. Official Tryouts are Friday and Saturday with an optional workout Thursday for those who will miss Friday. All athletes need to be sure and have physicals or IQ forms on file before official practice begins.  If your student played a fall sport then they have already submitted paperwork.  Required forms are available here.

Fightin’ Knight Day is next Tuesday, November 15th.  Wear your Fightin’ Knight shirt to school and come support the girls basketball team in their season opener against St. Maries.  The JV game begins at 6:00 and Varsity at 7:30.  



Nov 21-25 Thanksgiving Break

Dec 2 Christmas Ball

Dec 9 Christmas Program

Dec 13-16 Final Exams (Secondary)

Jan 2 Teacher Workday (no school)

Jan 3 First day of the second semester



Loren Euhus

Assistant Superintendent, Logos School