LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2023/24 – Update #26 (Feb 28, 2024)

————-  GENERAL  ————-

Reaccreditation for ACCS schools occurs every 5 years, and it is our turn.  Four accreditation committee members (all administrators of other ACCS schools) visited Logos this week, wrapping up an in-depth review of school operations, including leadership, teaching, curriculum, facilities, and finance.  


Teaching opening: Our wonderful Mrs. Renee Shepard will be retiring from teaching preschool at the end of this year.  She has done an excellent job with these little ones but would like more time at home next year to spend with her young family.  If you see Mrs. Shepard, please thank her for her incredible work with the preschoolers this year.  If you are gifted with little ones and want to teach preschool halftime next year, please contact Mr. Brockwalder.  

RTP (Reduced Tuition Plan) applications are due April 1st.  If your family is in need of financial assistance for next year, see the Logos Website for more information.  

————-  ELEMENTARY ————

Logos South Assembly:  This Friday, Mrs. McIvor’s class will perform a Logos classic, Stone Soup (A ‘Rock’ Opera).  The play will begin at 8:30 a.m. at Logos South. We will reserve the small parking area in front of the school (the normal teacher lot) for anyone especially blessed by this convenient spot.

————-  SECONDARY ————

Honors Latin:  For all Latin students in 6th-9th grade, expect an informational email from Miss Hale this Friday outlining the requirements for taking honors Latin next year.

World View Assembly: Our next worldview assembly will be held on Friday, March 8, from 12:40-1:30 pm in the Logos Field House.  Pastor Toby Sumpter will address the secondary student body on the topic of pornography.  This is one of those assemblies that we want to strongly encourage dads to attend so that they can follow up with conversations afterward. Of note, March 8th is not a family day.  The assembly will occur during the 5th period (electives will not meet), and students will proceed to their 6th-period class following the assembly.  

————- ACTIVITIES  ————

Summer Camps: Make your plans to attend Logos Summer Camps. Our 2024 Summer Camp link will be open for preview beginning March 1. Camp registration will open in April. We have many exciting new camps this summer, and many of our most popular camps will return.  


Mar 8      Last day of 3rd quarter

Mar 11 – 22 Spring Break

Mar 25       First day of 4th quarter

Mar 26-28   Elementary Parent-Teacher conferences

Mar 29-Apr 1   Easter Break (4-day weekend)

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