Sonya Isenberg

As a student of Logos School for eleven years, I have fully experienced the extraordinary and amazing education that Logos has provided for me. Growing up at this school, I know what it means to have an incredible learning environment, teachers that selflessly care for each student, and programs that instill valuable life lessons to carry everyone forward with more knowledge and wisdom. Although Logos has many extracurricular programs to offer, from regular sports to Knowledge Bowl to Robotics Club, my favorite program is Mock Trial.


As a member of Mock Trial during ninth and tenth grades, it has taught me so much and will continue to do so throughout my high school career. It has trained me to speak convincingly and persuasively and to have confidence and a clear head in every situation. It has prepared me for real-life circumstances from the intensity of courtroom trials and it has taught me cooperation and leadership and teamwork. Although all of these qualities are specific to Mock Trial, Logos instructs every student on how to be properly equipped. Logos prepares us for the future.

The best part of Logos is this: the staff provides awesome day-to-day instruction for us while instilling the knowledge of Christ and His Word, incorporating an education that serves Him, and demonstrating His love through the care that our own teachers have for us. All of this will stay with every student, during and after their schooling.