Samuel Dickison

In August I moved back to Moscow from Kailua, Hawaii. I had been teaching 5th grade at a classical Christian school there. My wife and I loved Hawaii-it was the first place we lived after we got married, we’d had our son there, and we had an amazing school, church and group of friends. I was born and raised in Moscow, however, and after four years we knew it was time to come back. I attended Logos from 3rd to 12th grades and was more than excited to land a job teaching here. When I first started teaching I was surprised at how satisfying it was. Every day I felt like I was working at something important with people who were important. That feeling has only grown since I have been at Logos. Teaching rhetoric, history and literature feels like an endeavor with eternal consequences. I love tackling books, stories and questions with my students. I love following in God’s steps as we explore and expand the world.

My wife, Rosalie, and I knew there would be difficult aspects of moving. You can’t surf in Idaho. But the last few months here in Moscow have been far better than we imagined. Logos is an amazing community of teachers and students clearly seeking to enjoy God. Since being back I have rediscovered the profundity of Moby-Dick and have learned more about the Sumerians than I ever thought I would. We have cut down our first real Christmas tree and watched our son’s confusion and excitement at the snow. We really are happy and grateful to be here.