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This Education is Incredible! (Luke Mason, Drew Pilchard, Boden Lloyd)

Jacob and Marian Laughery

Although Marian attended Logos years ago as a student, this has been our first experience at the school as parents. We assumed that changes had likely occurred over the last 10 years, but were so encouraged by what we saw on the day we visited Logos with our son, Ransom! All the staff members we interacted with were warm and friendly. Listening to the 3rd grade class proclaim (recite?) the Psalms at the student assembly was music to our ears. Upon entering the classroom, we observed teachers address the students with authority, patience, and love, and the students responded with eagerness and good behavior. It was obvious that Logos would be a nurturing environment for our son.

After the first day of class, Ransom got in the car and announced that he wanted to talk about the day at dinner time. “But mom,” he said, making a thumb’s up from the back seat, “I can tell you this – it was GREAT!” And he has been doing well ever since. Glory to God!

Colleen McGarry

It was fourteen years ago that I graduated from Logos School. I still remember hearing the phrase over and over that at Logos we were learning how to love learning and how to think. At the time it felt a bit annoying, like a repetitive pen click from the next desk over.

But knowing how to learn and loving to learn have been key skills that I’ve leaned on more than once. As a teacher in Iraq it meant cheerfully (but nervously) embracing an Economics class with no curriculum and no books and never having taken an Economics course. I made it through, my students loved it, and I started reading books on economics for fun.

These days I work for the same organization, Servant Group International, but in the office in Nashville. My days look a bit different with learning to design a website, recruiting and training volunteers, and engaging with refugees who desperately need a friendly face in their lives. I’m constantly learning new words in new languages, personal stories, ways to fundraise and advertise, and that people click on links with pictures of the faces of smiling women more than any other image in social media. I enjoy the challenge and and enjoy process of learning each of these things.

My teachers at Logos and my parents gave me the skills and the attitude to approach each new adventure with excitement and an eagerness to learn. For that I am very grateful.

Danny Bradley

I have attended Logos since 5th grade, and am now headed to college. Looking back on my whole education, I am blown away by the unique opportunity I had in being molded by this incredible school through God. Everything from integrating tough Calculus problems to running a play on the basketball court, from analyzing poetry to arguing in the courtroom, has instilled confidence in who I am, and who our Heavenly Father is. I am also grateful for the many amazing friendships I made with godly people, who I was able to be around frequently, even if they were not in my class. There are so many opportunities to get involved and make lasting friendships at Logos.

Classical Christian education produces well-rounded, versatile people, who have been handed the tools which enable them to work hard to do anything in life. Those tools include not just the education itself, but also the many extracurricular activities available. Of course those tools could not be sharpened without the aid of the many dedicated teachers that work their tails off in order to bless young people. They also could not have been sharpened without the perfect craftsmanship of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Classical Christian Education movement is an influential and promising one, and I am thrilled to have been a part of it.

Samuel Dickison

In August I moved back to Moscow from Kailua, Hawaii. I had been teaching 5th grade at a classical Christian school there. My wife and I loved Hawaii-it was the first place we lived after we got married, we’d had our son there, and we had an amazing school, church and group of friends. I was born and raised in Moscow, however, and after four years we knew it was time to come back. I attended Logos from 3rd to 12th grades and was more than excited to land a job teaching here. When I first started teaching I was surprised at how satisfying it was. Every day I felt like I was working at something important with people who were important. That feeling has only grown since I have been at Logos. Teaching rhetoric, history and literature feels like an endeavor with eternal consequences. I love tackling books, stories and questions with my students. I love following in God’s steps as we explore and expand the world.

My wife, Rosalie, and I knew there would be difficult aspects of moving. You can’t surf in Idaho. But the last few months here in Moscow have been far better than we imagined. Logos is an amazing community of teachers and students clearly seeking to enjoy God. Since being back I have rediscovered the profundity of Moby-Dick and have learned more about the Sumerians than I ever thought I would. We have cut down our first real Christmas tree and watched our son’s confusion and excitement at the snow. We really are happy and grateful to be here.

Chantelle Courtney

This is my second year teaching at Logos. As many of you know, I spent seven years as a student at the school and loved my educational experience, so much so that my greatest desire was to come back and teach! What I most enjoy about teaching at Logos is the Christ-centered focus. My second grade students and I don’t talk about anything without also talking about God. Everything begins and ends with our Creator.

My students are incredibly enthusiastic. They especially love learning about the things around them, particularly plants and animals that they can find in their own back yards. I love their joy and fascination with the world God created for us. The delight they have for learning is refreshing and infectious. My students have reminded me to stop and look at the veins on deciduous leaves and compare them to the palm of my hand; that I don’t squash an ant when it wanders across my path, but I stop and watch it work; that I don’t grumble at the bird squawking outside my window, but I try to determine what kind of bird it is. The children in my class have even taught me to be excited about snakes – not so excited that I would touch one, but excited enough to want to learn more about them!

Being a teacher at Logos is more than just presenting information to the students and making them learn and memorize it. It’s coming along side the parents and training the students to better love and serve their neighbors and our Heavenly Creator. I love the fact that I get to play a part in shaping the lives of these little saints!

Dianne Bradley

This is my seventh year teaching at Logos School, where I spent the first four years part-time in sixth grade and the last three years full-time in fourth grade. We moved our family to Moscow in 2008 in order to be closer to New Saint Andrews College where our daughters were attending. I never expected to be so overwhelmed with what a wonderful place Logos is! As a teacher, I appreciate the support and wisdom of the administration, the camaraderie of the staff, and the love and respect of my students. It is a joy to come to work in a place where respect, hard work, firm discipline, joyfulness, and love of neighbor are upheld and expected.

As a parent of a son who is now a junior, I am grateful beyond measure for all that he has gained and continues to gain from his education at Logos. He has benefited from amazing and available teachers, a firm yet loving administration, and extracurricular activities such as sports, Mock Trial, and Drama. He has grown in leaps and bounds in many ways since his first year.

The thing I appreciate most about Logos School is how unapologetically Christ is woven throughout the entire program – from the smallest of procedures to the most visible events. I could not think of a better place to invest my time than Logos School.

The Pilchard Family

We are in awe of God’s goodness in bringing us to Logos one year ago. The loving atmosphere, excellent teaching staff, high standards and the blessing of being surrounded by like-minded families are just a few of the amazing benefits. After homeschooling for ten years in California, we began searching for a classical school. When we discovered Logos it was like a dream come true. Our children have been stretched to accomplish more than they ever thought possible, and they cherish being surrounded by peers who are on the same path. We still can’t believe this is OUR school! It has been well worth uprooting our family and selling our home and business to be a part of the amazing Logos School community.

Vis Family

“Logos has been a tremendous blessing to our family. As we begin our 7th year here, we are once again overwhelmed by the wisdom, dedication and integrity exhibited by the staff as they teach our children not just about facts and figures, but also how to understand them in light of God’s providential care of His creation. We appreciate that our children are at the same time challenged academically and encouraged spiritually. This year we are sending our fourth child to Logos, and we continue to be grateful for the teachers and administrators who wholeheartedly share in our efforts and desire to develop a mature Christian character in our children. All our children have a great respect for their teachers and enjoy the camaraderie of classmates and friends as they learn and grow together in this secure and loving environment.”

Smith Family

“A few years ago, we uprooted our family, moving from California to Idaho for the express purpose of enrolling our children in Logos. We have never regretted that decision. It is such a blessing to have our children attending this school — a school where teachers and administrators love the Lord and care deeply for our children — a place where the curriculum is excellent and subjects are taught with enthusiasm.

Our children are excited about their studies and come home each day eager to teach mom and dad something new. All this makes me want to go back to kindergarten!”

– Ron Smith

Noel Saunders

I have attended Logos for many years, and have always appreciated the great education I am receiving. More than this, however, I love the school community… the fact that everything that goes on inside the walls of our school is done in a godly manner to the glory of the Lord. Throughout the school, I see a Christian love that creates joy in every classroom.


One of the very best aspects of Logos School is the staff. I’ve come to realize that it’s impossible to have a “favorite” teacher. Every staff member has an abounding love for God, teaching, learning, and their students. They make learning a joy and a blessing. These teachers are providing me with a love for learning and education – including a solid biblical foundation – that will carry me through college and the rest of my life!

Sonya Isenberg

As a student of Logos School for eleven years, I have fully experienced the extraordinary and amazing education that Logos has provided for me. Growing up at this school, I know what it means to have an incredible learning environment, teachers that selflessly care for each student, and programs that instill valuable life lessons to carry everyone forward with more knowledge and wisdom. Although Logos has many extracurricular programs to offer, from regular sports to Knowledge Bowl to Robotics Club, my favorite program is Mock Trial.


As a member of Mock Trial during ninth and tenth grades, it has taught me so much and will continue to do so throughout my high school career. It has trained me to speak convincingly and persuasively and to have confidence and a clear head in every situation. It has prepared me for real-life circumstances from the intensity of courtroom trials and it has taught me cooperation and leadership and teamwork. Although all of these qualities are specific to Mock Trial, Logos instructs every student on how to be properly equipped. Logos prepares us for the future.

The best part of Logos is this: the staff provides awesome day-to-day instruction for us while instilling the knowledge of Christ and His Word, incorporating an education that serves Him, and demonstrating His love through the care that our own teachers have for us. All of this will stay with every student, during and after their schooling.