Danny Bradley

I have attended Logos since 5th grade, and am now headed to college. Looking back on my whole education, I am blown away by the unique opportunity I had in being molded by this incredible school through God. Everything from integrating tough Calculus problems to running a play on the basketball court, from analyzing poetry to arguing in the courtroom, has instilled confidence in who I am, and who our Heavenly Father is. I am also grateful for the many amazing friendships I made with godly people, who I was able to be around frequently, even if they were not in my class. There are so many opportunities to get involved and make lasting friendships at Logos.

Classical Christian education produces well-rounded, versatile people, who have been handed the tools which enable them to work hard to do anything in life. Those tools include not just the education itself, but also the many extracurricular activities available. Of course those tools could not be sharpened without the aid of the many dedicated teachers that work their tails off in order to bless young people. They also could not have been sharpened without the perfect craftsmanship of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Classical Christian Education movement is an influential and promising one, and I am thrilled to have been a part of it.