Colleen McGarry

It was fourteen years ago that I graduated from Logos School. I still remember hearing the phrase over and over that at Logos we were learning how to love learning and how to think. At the time it felt a bit annoying, like a repetitive pen click from the next desk over.

But knowing how to learn and loving to learn have been key skills that I’ve leaned on more than once. As a teacher in Iraq it meant cheerfully (but nervously) embracing an Economics class with no curriculum and no books and never having taken an Economics course. I made it through, my students loved it, and I started reading books on economics for fun.

These days I work for the same organization, Servant Group International, but in the office in Nashville. My days look a bit different with learning to design a website, recruiting and training volunteers, and engaging with refugees who desperately need a friendly face in their lives. I’m constantly learning new words in new languages, personal stories, ways to fundraise and advertise, and that people click on links with pictures of the faces of smiling women more than any other image in social media. I enjoy the challenge and and enjoy process of learning each of these things.

My teachers at Logos and my parents gave me the skills and the attitude to approach each new adventure with excitement and an eagerness to learn. For that I am very grateful.