Chantelle Courtney

This is my second year teaching at Logos. As many of you know, I spent seven years as a student at the school and loved my educational experience, so much so that my greatest desire was to come back and teach! What I most enjoy about teaching at Logos is the Christ-centered focus. My second grade students and I don’t talk about anything without also talking about God. Everything begins and ends with our Creator.

My students are incredibly enthusiastic. They especially love learning about the things around them, particularly plants and animals that they can find in their own back yards. I love their joy and fascination with the world God created for us. The delight they have for learning is refreshing and infectious. My students have reminded me to stop and look at the veins on deciduous leaves and compare them to the palm of my hand; that I don’t squash an ant when it wanders across my path, but I stop and watch it work; that I don’t grumble at the bird squawking outside my window, but I try to determine what kind of bird it is. The children in my class have even taught me to be excited about snakes – not so excited that I would touch one, but excited enough to want to learn more about them!

Being a teacher at Logos is more than just presenting information to the students and making them learn and memorize it. It’s coming along side the parents and training the students to better love and serve their neighbors and our Heavenly Creator. I love the fact that I get to play a part in shaping the lives of these little saints!